Bad Beetle / Material6 Collaboration Featured in the New York Times!

Material6 teamed up with Bad Beetle last year to manufacture wood inlay backs for the iPhone 4 and 4S using their proprietary reclaimed blue pine, and it looks like the results are being well received! Just a quick post to share the link, but you should take a look at their line when you have a moment. The story of the reclamation process is great, and the products are really nicely designed and executed. Click here to read the New York Times article.

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Introducing Material6!

From November 1, 2010. IMG_0454

In early October, 2point5 launched Material6, a line of handcrafted wood inlay iPhone 4 backs designed to remove the easily scratched and cracked original glass iPhone 4 backplate and replace it with a completely new backplate made from all OEM parts with the glass being replaced by a solid wood panel that comes in three finishes. These replacement backs truly look and feel amazing, and really enhance the iPhone 4’s original design and beauty without compromising any of the device’s features! Each Material6 back is assembled by hand from three primary pieces:


An OEM iPhone 4 back frame - note that the screw standoffs are made of metal. Many knockoff parts have plastic screw standoffs which don’t work as well as the original design.


An OEM camera lens with a polished metal ring and real glass lens - knockoffs will have a plastic lens, which is easily damaged!


A hand-finished piece of solid wood veneer that is precision sanded, sealed, cut, drilled and mounted to exacting specifications. The wood panel is precisely the same size and thickness (1mm) of the original glass, with the camera and lens holes being drilled by a milling machine in locations that are accurate to one-hundreth of a millimeter.

These components, along with a protective flash lens and high-strength adhesive, are all assembled by craftsmen to form a complete replacement for your iPhone 4’s original glass backplate. Each package includes a complete back, #00 precision screwdriver and illustrated instructions for the swap, which can be performed in less than two minutes!

We’re very excited to offer this product to discerning iPhone 4 owners worldwide via the Material6 online store, and look forward to making our customers’ iPhone 4 experience even better! Let us know if you have any questions concerning our new offerings, and we thank you for checking it out. You can find us as well on Facebook and Twitter. As always - more to come. Stay tuned…