Joe Rogan's Sickfish

From January 11, 2005. On display in the Rockford booth was the 1970 ‘Cuda designed and built by Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy fame. The build was featured on a recent episode of TLC’s show rides, and is one nice piece of machinery. Although the audio system was not very extensive at all, it doesn’t need to be. The car would really stand on it’s own even if there was an 8-track player in the dash. This car is so perfect in the execution and details that you really can’t find one thing wrong with it, which I can only say about one other car at the entire show. The work required to re-route and trim out the exhaust is insane, while even such little things as the fender bolts were treated to an overhaul, becoming stainless-steel alan head screws. I’ve never seen such close attention to all the little things that make up a true re-design of a classic car…As the show was closing, the’ Cuda and a nearby Lamborghini got involved in a little testosterone fueled engine-revving match, soon after which the Lamborghini was quietly turned off. Need I say more?

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