Alpine's BMW X5

From January 11, 2005. Every year, Alpine and their head installer/designer, Steve Brown bring a few cars to CES. All of them are well-designed and executed, but there is always one out of the group that is completely off the charts in its scope and complexity. 

This year it is a BMW X5 that is actually a recycled project car from the company. Previously, it remained a mostly stock X5 with a multimedia system installed in it. Now, it is a demo vehicle for Alpine’s flagship audio/video system F#1 Status, which is only carried by a handful of dealers nationwide. It has to be seen to be believed, but here are a few shots of the vehicle on display at CES. The X5 was essentially stripped, had its rocker panels, front and rear bumpers and fenders reworked, the two doors on each side welded together and motorized, the rear hatch removed and remade out of clear acrylic, the steering wheel, transmission control and pedals moved to the center, new side windows made and an entirely new interior hand-fabricated from scratch to house the entertainment system. It is a true 6.1 surround system with a two-way front and rear center channel, two ten-inch woofers in the dash (yes, in the dash), three-way components in the front and two-way components in the rear.

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