Volvo S60R Project

Another blast from the past, but one of my personal favorites from back in our car audio days. We had gotten to the point that anything we built was a bit over the top in terms of framework, wiring, materials and design was concerned, and I truly feel that this is one of the best examples of how well a one-off creation can be built so that it is serviceable and structurally sound in the same vein that original equipment would be if cars ever came with such massive audio systems in them. If memory serves, there are two Optima batteries in the trunk that are isolated from the battery under the hood, three Alumapro capacitors, three JL 10W7 subwoofers, three JL 1000/1 monoblock amplifiers, two JL 450/4 amplifiers, MB Quart speakers front and rear and a whole lot of fabrication. Take a look at the steel amp rack, wiring distribution and enclosure design. This was a lot of equipment to fit in a small trunk opening!

Look out for more post on our previous lives as car audio fabricators as well as some more links to the press we've received over the years. I'm trying to make sure that the blog really represents everything that we do and have done beyond spec.dock and Material6 ...stay tuned.


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