Steve Kubon's Honda Civic Project

This car was done so long ago I can't even recall the date, but it was really a show-stopper back in its day. I often wonder what happens to these cars after the shows are over and the owner moves on to a new project. This one was done in phases, with the trunk being first and all the interior work being second. Steve was sponsored by Polk Audio at the time, so all the equipment came from them besides the Xtant amp powering the system, and the fabrication came from us. tunerbash3

Facets of this project were fabricating a new dash bezel to fit a 6" screen and single-DIN radio, moving the AC controls to the center console and blending them in, installing a DVD player in the airbag location with a motorized door, rebuilding the front door panels and entire rear deck, rebuilding the center console to house three gauges and creating the trunk enclosure and fiberglass trim. The doors and rear deck feature solid aluminum inserts machined and polished in a style similar to the trim in the GTi MacMini from this era.

I can honestly say this is the first car I ever personally saw with the "Lamborghini" doors as well. One for the archives.

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