2point5 - Commercial Shoot!

From tunertricks.com March 26, 2009. We get this question more often than we would like:

“Will my iPod or iPhone fall out of the dock while I’m driving?”

Our answer is always a definitive no, followed by an explanation on our part that the 30-pin connector does most of the job of keeping the device in place, and that we’ve thoroughly tested this theory by not only driving our cars over the past three years with spec.docks installed, but also by intentionally trying to make this happen by doing doughnuts, j-turns, quick stops/starts…you get the picture. It is pretty much inconceivable that an iPod or iPhone in a spec.dock will go flying through the passenger compartment during any type of driving - erratic or otherwise. We’ve even had a few customers get in pretty major accidents, and when the smoke cleared the iPod or iPhone was still in the dock, playing happily as if nothing happened. And yet, we still get the question from time to time. So, we decided to answer it once and for all…We’ve been kicking around the idea of shooting a commercial for some time now, and have had some decent ideas as far as the content was concerned, but then we attended a Southeast Drift event a few weeks ago at Turner Field, where we saw a Jodin LeJeune’s Supercharged Nissan Titan V8-powered G35, built by Drift Emporium here in Georgia destroying the track and multiple sets of BF Goodrich tires, and the light bulb went off…we had found the star of our commercial. What better way to show how stable an iPod or iPhone is in the spec.dock than by installing one in a drift car and shooting the results in real time?!

It took a month or two of planning to get everything and everybody in the right place at the right time, but we ended up with two cars, three sets of tires, twenty people, a RED ONE camera with multiple lenses, an oval track, a spec.dock, a director, a mountain of gear and an iPhone last Saturday, and the results will speak for themselves once the final cut is released! Having been there (and driving the chase car), I can say without a doubt that this is going to be a very nice and fun to watch spot…and no, the iPhone did not come out of the dock. At all. Click here for the finished piece!

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