2004 GM/NOPI Show Cars

From tunertricks.com November 26, 2004. So another big deal went down while I was busy not updating the old site: Myself and a group of four other installers from my company were asked to build two cars in ten days for General Motors and Number One Parts, Inc (NOPI) to debut at the 2004 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Needless to say, we rose to the challenge of outfitting them with gear from Kicker, Boston Acoustics, Eclipse and Audiovox, and somehow got them done. Some of the better images are previewed below. We worked pretty much twenty-four hours a day for ten days straight and got them completely done in time to be shipped out for the show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go out there myself to represent the vehicles (an Equinox and a Cobalt), but I’m hoping someone out there shot some photos at the show of these two for posterity.

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