NES Apple TV Remote - Just For Fun

From July 27, 2008. I’m not sure how I ran across this mod - probably on one of my daily visit(s) to Gizmodo if memory serves - but I thought the concept was pretty interesting, having been introduced like many of us to home gaming consoles via the original NES. I really liked the thought of repurposing such an iconic piece of consumer electronics gear into something that could still be used daily, and I’ve got a good friend who filled the requirements for owning such a gadget, which are owning an Apple TV, and having a strange loyalty to Nintendo’s games and consoles - I’m pretty sure he’s owned them all through the years! So, I thought I’d try my hand at the concept and pass the finished piece off to him to add to his collection. The only thing I thought was an issue for me with the original mod was the need to disassemble the remote any time the battery needed changing, so I came up with my own solution to that issue, which comes in the form of that familiar white shape on the right side of the controller. Make sure to click the post title for more photos of the process! Anyway, check it out, and feel free to poke around the blog or our company website to see if anything interests you…Thanks for stopping by!

IMG_0018 IMG_0019