2point5 - flush.dock

From tunertricks.com February 19, 2008. We have a product over here at 2point5 that really doesn’t get near the attention that it should, as we haven’t really necessarily explained what it is and what it does…I thought now was as good a time as any to explain the versatility of the flush.dock in vehicles that we may not necessarily have a specific spec.dock model for.The flush.dock is essentially a drop-in iPod/iPhone dock for any vehicle application where there is sufficient space for its diminutive size to fit in. The length and width when viewed from above are roughly 3″ by 1.25″, and the required mounting depth is about one inch. The flush.dock can come equipped with simple audio/video output and charging leads, or can come equipped with any manufacturers’ iPod integration cable (i.e. Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, DICE, Dension, Neo, USA Spec, etcetera) to tie into your existing audio setup. As with all our products, the flush.dock conforms to the Apple Universal Dock Well standard, meaning that any size iPod made since 2001 (any iPod with a dock connector on the bottom) will work perfectly in the dock recess and will interface with the integrated connector. More information is available on the store, by giving us a call or dropping us an email. Please make sure to click the post title above for more full-size images, and thanks for looking!