2point5 - iPhone and spec.dock Compatible?

From tunertricks.com July 2, 2007. Over here at 2point5, we are still gathering information about exactly what the iPhone’s compatibility is with our entire line of spec.dock products, but the initial reports are looking pretty good for all of you out there who have gotten your hands on one of our innovative automotive iPod [iPhone?] docking solutions or are thinking about jumping on the bandwagon. Here’s the tentative scoop thus far:

You hop in your car with your iPhone and drop it in the dock (we have iPhone inserts available that snap into the spec.dock to cradle the phone very nicely) iphone2

…and it begins to charge while linking up with the integrated audio/control interface connected to your car. You’ll be prompted with this message:


Decline the invitation to enter airplane mode, and choose your playlist/song/artist/album. You’ll be listening to your music through the audio system just like you would with a docked iPod. All controls and the sound quality you’re used to should remain the same - again, we’re still gathering information, so don’t quote us just yet! When a call comes in, you’ll get caller ID displayed on the iPhone’s huge screen, the music will fade out and the ring will come through the iPhone’s speakers. Touch the iPhone’s screen to choose whether or not to answer the call. If you are paired with a Bluetooth earpiece or handsfree kit, the call will come through that device when answered. If not, the call will come through on the iPhone’s speakerphone. When the call is ended, music playback will resume with the audio fading back in, and you’re back to enjoying your music - just like on a standard iPod. No charging cables, no tacked-on phone mount, just your favorite new phone sitting pretty in a docking solution designed to blend in perfectly with your vehicle’s interior cosmetics.


Sound good? Check us out at www.specdock.com and see what’s available for your vehicle. Please call or email if you have any questions - we’re getting up to the minute information on iPhone compatibility and would like a chance to chat with you about our product before you place an order so we can pass along any new iPhone information we may have. More info to come as we get it…