2point5 Charger SRT8 Project

From tunertricks.com October 20, 2006. So this vehicle has been done for about four months, and has already been featured in Car Audio & Electronics magazine (it is a CA&E, Eclipse, Davin Wheels and 2point5-sponsored project), but I checked the site stats the other day, and it would appear that tunertricks is still alive and well, so I thought I’d put some photos up for those of you who may not have picked up the magazine…

The theme and purpose of this project was to update certain technology features of the Charger, improve the sound staging, imaging, quality and overall output as well as to make subtle changes to the interior and trunk that didn’t call too much attention to themselves unless you knew changes had been made. Essentially, we set out to do a whole car in the spirit of our spec.dock product - integration of technology in an OEM style. Achieving the goal required two weeks of fabrication, wiring, tuning and assembly to achieve the desired result. The tasks involved were:

-rebuilding the bottom halves of the front and rear doors to make them cosmetically more appealing and changing the front door drivers out for some stonger midbass and vocal presence up front. -rebuilding the forward-most portion of the dash pad to add a center-channel driver as well as two tweeters in the corners of the dash with some added cosmetic details. -rebuilding the lower portions of the rear door panels to match the changes made to the front. -modifying an Eclipse single-DIN motorized video head unit to be a fixed-mount 2.5DIN unit and fabricating a new dash panel to accomodate the source unit (required moving the climate controls down significantly and relocating the traction control switch assembly to the center console). -adding a Version 2 Dodge Charger spec.dock to the ashtray location for iPod integration with video display on the Eclipse source unit. -relocating the vehicle battery and fabricating a custom amp rack, underdeck panel, matching fiberglass enclosures, fiberglass side panels and hinged floor panel. -removing the trunk key cylinder and replacing it with an Eclipse backup camera.

We are absolutely pleased with the results of our efforts and feel that the Charger goes a long way toward expressing the focus and spirit of our company, which exists solely to create significant technological changes to vehicle interiors that add functionality and style without calling attention to themselves. Hopefully the message comes across well in the details, and as always, we appreciate the support from all who have been and continue to be involved in this growing enterprise. Sometime in the near future, tunertricks.com and 2point5.com will become unified in some as yet to be determined fashion, so please keep visiting and expect some exciting changes in the near future!

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