Vehicle-Specific iPod Docks - What's in a Name?

From August 17, 2005. So we’re a little tired of typing out the phrase ‘vehicle-specific iPod dock’, and no proper product is known by a lengthy description of itself, so we decided it was high time to give this developing product a name as we go forth into the land of iPod accessories. The artist formerly known as vehicle-specific iPod dock will now be referred to as the spec.dock. We’ve formed a new company to develop and produce these products, and are constantly adding new models. Click the link for a description of the product and keep in mind that these are currently available for the BMW 3-series e36 and e46, BMW 5-series e39, BMW X5, Porsche 996, Ford F-150, Dodge Magnum/300c/Charger and MKIV Volkswagen. We also offer four sizes of Universal Cupholder applications for those vehicles not yet supported. More information can be had by emailing or calling 1-877-488-2788. Thanks for all the support thus far and look forward to new models soon.