Vehicle-Specific iPod Docks - BMW X5 and BMW E65

From July 8, 2005. We seem to always stay busy here knocking out new projects and products, and have just finished off the molds for two more vehicle-specific iPod docking bases - the BMW X5 and the 2002-current BMW 7-series e65. As with the E46 BMW dock and the MKIV VW dock, these are designed to accept any size dockable iPod and nearly any iPod interface cable to easily provide a home for your iPod in your vehicle. They replace the ashtray insert in the same fashion and are finished in a textured black that matches these vehicles’ interior trim. Both of the new docks also allow the factory ashtray door to close over them when the iPod is not being used. The X5 and 7-series parts are priced at $149, as are all the current models in this product line. Please visit for additional information about this line of products and feel free to email with any questions or call 1-877-488-2788 tp purchase one for your car. Thanks for the ongoing support, and look for two new docks (possibly the Land Rover LR3 and definitely the MKV VW Jetta and Golf) coming soon.

Until now, the only way to dock your iPod in your car has been to build one (or have one built) yourself, have us build one for you by hand, or purhcase a product like the Dension ICELink cradle, which then has to be mounted somewhere on your dash - sometimes not in the ideal location. What we have developed is a direct drop-in iPod docking solution that is integrated into your vehicle for a stealthy and factory-installed appearance. The E46 model pictured here simply drops into the ashtray location and fits perfectly, requiring no permanent modification to the vehicle at all and allowing the factory ashtray door to close completely over the dock when the iPod is not in place.

The entire line of vehicle-specific iPod docks feature an opening in the bottom of the dock area that will accomodate any iPod cable that terminates in a standard Apple-style dock connector. Products with this connector range from the simple Belkin and SIK (as well as many others) audio and charging cables to Dension’s ICELink along with Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood, Pioneer and Sony’s iPod interface cables. This connector becomes the interface between your vehicle and the iPod for charging, audio and - in some cases - control of the iPod from your source unit. The dock will accomodate any size 3g or 4g (dockable) iPod from 10gig to 60gig Photo, with a removable spacer pre-installed to support your current iPod and to allow for upgrading without purchasing an entirely new docking piece for your car.

In most cases, installation is very simple - requiring removal of the source unit to connect whichever interface you choose and routing of the dock-connector end of the interface to the area where our docking solution will be installed. The connector then simply slides into the dock (after disabling the locks on the end of the cable) and is adhered to the part using any type of epoxy or cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) and the piece is slid into place, ready for the iPod to be docked and enjoyed.

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