Vehicle-Specific iPod Docks - Price Update

From July 1, 2005. When the e46 BMW iPod docking piece was announced early this month, I suggested that this was by no means the only vehicle that would receive an installer and customer-friendly iPod docking solution, and that many more were currently being worked on. Well, second out of the gate is the vehicle-specific iPod docking solution for the 1999.5-2005 Volkswagen MKIV Golf, GTi, R32, GTi 337, GTi 20th AE, Jetta and GLi. This unit is designed specifically for these vehicles and replaces the factory ashtray insert, providing a home for your favorite ‘dockable’ iPod model (3g and 4g 10gig, 15gig, 20gig, 30gig, 40gig and 60gig iPod and iPod Photo) that looks completely factory-installed and can be hidden underneath the factory sliding cover when not in use. As with the E46 part, this unit will accept any iPod docking cable, such as those included with the Dension ICELink, Monster iCruze and SiK interfaces for seamless integration of your iPod into your audio system and is priced at $149. Please visit for more details, email or call 1-877-488-2788. Thanks for looking and stay on the lookout for the MKV Volkswagen solution as well as docks for many of the vehicles in BMW’s current and past lineup, including X5, 5-series, new 3-series and 7-series.

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