2001 Mercedes S-Class System

From tunertricks.com June 27, 2005. It’s almost as if the guy that posts on this site just lost interest or something, eh? Actually, we’ve been extremely busy here building drop-in iPod docks, handling the daily flow of cars in and out of the bay and putting the finishing touches on a pretty cool project - an S-Class Mercedes with an entirely hand-fabricated custom trunk housing a ridiculous audio system and a custom interior including reupholstered seats, painted dash trim, a modified rear deck and an Eclipse double-DIN head unit in the factory radios’ former dash location.

When this vehicle came to us, there was already a system installed in the trunk with a one-piece painted fiberglass tub trimming it all out and the head unit was in the dash, but the customer was not at all happy with the finished look of the vehicle. He asked if we could basically start over and make it right, which we were more than happy to do. We removed everything - back down to the bare trunk and started from scratch to build a system worthy of a Mercedes trunk compartment. The designer/fabricators involved in this project were Chris McEntyre, myself (Matt Turner) and Randy Lively - just another shameless plug for the team…

The new install features two Rockford Fosgate 15″ woofers downfiring in a bandpass enclosure with the port exiting through the rear deck of the vehicle. An interesting feature of the sub enclosure is the painted acrylic and body filler stand that supports a backlit Thundercats logo. This was one of the customer’s few requirements of the system design. It actually ended up looking right at home in the enclosure - proving that the customer is (sometimes) always right…The beauty of this design is that all the bass energy generated inside the enclosure is directed through this port and into the vehicle’s cabin. With the gas tank being located in the trunk, this is really the best way to ensure that the impact of the enclosure can be felt and heard inside the car.

The trunk also features three Memphis Audio amplifiers (one for the two sets of 6.5″ Focal components in the doors and one for each subwoofer) in a compact rack trimmed out in painted fiberglass, two-tone suede, 3/4″ polished acrylic and white lighting accomplished through the use of L.E.D.s and neon tubes. Finishing out the trunk compartment are four hand-fabricated trim panels that provide a trunk floor, sides and back to hide all the wiring and mounting points as well as most of the subwoofer enclosure. These are finished in black vinyl and suede to complement the interior. Installed in each side panel is one Focal 6.5″ coaxial speaker for listening to the system at shows. These are only active when the trunk is open, as is the lighting and the 15″ LCD monitor in the trunklid.

Yes, that’s a 15″ monitor in the trunklid (a virtual necessity for most of us, right?) which is trimmed out in a fashion similar to the amplifiers - utilizing painted fiberglass, suede and black vinyl to highlight the monitor. The Eclipse head unit in the dash location also received some attention in the form of rebuilding the trim around it to match the dimensions and shape of the unit exactly and it also received a fresh coat of paint to match the rest of the interior trim.

I’ve been wanting for quite some time to post not only finished photos of a project, but also some shots of the work in progress, so make sure to click on the title of the post to check out the ‘not quite done’ photos. It gives a good look at how much goes into these systems from the onset to completion. I’ve got quite a few sets of photos to post now that the ‘Benz is done, so look for more in the next couple of days, and don’t forget to always check back. We’ve got some pretty big stuff in the works that tunertricks is right in the middle of, so stay tuned!

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