Aston Martin DB9

From May 17, 2005. This past weekend, we got an opportunity to install some nice gear in a customer’s 2005 Aston Martin DB9 (with 700 miles on the odometer). Given that this car will get to 60mph in 4.8 seconds and will top out at 186mph or so, the owner felt that he needed an Escort Passport SR-7 and ZR-3 laser shifter along for the ride to avoid those annoying 180 in a 55 speeding tickets. He also wanted to add XM satellite radio to the Aston for some choice musical selections appropriate for such a ride…

You don’t just use some velcro and stick on the XM and SR-7 controllers in a vehicle like this, so we opted to modify the existing dome light pod to house the XM Commander display and recover it in black suede to match the headliner, seats and doors. The SR-7 display was located to the left of where the shifter would be in a normal car (this one has F-1 style paddles on the steering wheel) in a spot previously occupied by a strange leather-covered business card and change holder. The SR-7 control head was trimmed in a suede-covered aluminum trim ring to match the overhead piece. It’s also sacrilege to stick a satellite antenna to the roof of this type of car, so I removed the third brake light (requiring removal of the entire center console) and installed the antenna inside of it for a stealthy end result.

A job like this would normally take a single 8-hour day, but it took two of us (thanks again, Randy) two and a half to carefully disassemble much of the interior and trunk as well as to remove the front bumper (thanks to Bo at Pirkle body shop) to mount the two laser shifters and the radar sensor up front and to put it all back together again. The finished product is just like I like it - a modified electronics system that looks factory-equipped.

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