'05 Lexus GS300 System

From tunertricks.com May 2, 2005. Last week we put the finishing touches on this 2005 Lexus GS300, adding a JL300/4, a JL 500/1, two JL 10w6v2 subwoofers, two pairs of 5.25″ MB Quart Q-Series seperates and a little bling to the factory supplied audio system…

The point of the enclosure and amp rack design (as well as the trim that surrounds it) was to create an elegant way to display the audio equipment while still providing access to the spare tire and some usable trunk space. The enclosure has an acrylic bottom and back, so that the amplifiers mounted underneath in a seperate rack can be seen through the Lexus logo-shaped window in the vinyl and suede-covered trim panel. Some white lighting (leds and neon) and a chrome Lexus badge were added for a little something nice to look at. The inside of the enclosure is trimmed in 1/2″ black polished acrylic and suede. Enjoy, and look out for a rather exciting product announcement in the coming weeks (something we’ve been working on for quite some time now is almost ready)!

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