iPod Toyota Camry

From tunertricks.com April 12, 2005. This one turned out quite a bit like the Toyota Solara featured in an earlier post. The factory head unit was replaced with an Alpine CDA-9847, while the cable from the KCA-420i iPod control adapter was mounted into the dock shell so that the owner has control of the iPod from the head unit for simple navigation and text display when the iPod is docked. For more in-depth browsing, the iPod can be easily removed, a song chosen, and then re-docked to continue playing through the audio system while topping off the internal battery.

By the way, the first substantial modification to the GTi MacMini install since its original completion is in the works, and you should see a post within a couple of days with the first details of this upgrade - keep visiting, and thanks for checking us out.

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