Mercedes E55AMG Subwoofer (etc) System

From April 12, 2005. The owner of this 2005 E55 was disappointed by the quantity and quality of sub bass that his factory 10″ flat-piston subwoofer produced, and came to the shop looking for increased output with basically no loss of storage space. This vehicle originally had a Mercedes-option storage drawer installed underneath the rear deck, and the customer wanted to make sure that whatever we did gave him the same (or more) amount of dedicated storage while greatly improving the sound in his car and not standing out as something obviously non-factory when closed. Wow. That’s a bit of a challenge…

Well, the attached photos show exactly what we came up with, and I think we hit the mark (thanks to Randy Lively for seeing this install through). The center portion of the underdeck assembly we fabricated is a sealed enclosure built to spec for three JL 6w04 woofers mounted in a triangular pattern to vent through the grille where the factory 10″ sub used to be located. A Boston Acoustics GT20 amplifier mounted in the spare tire well (the tire, jack, and tools are still there as well) powers the trio. On either side of the enclosure is a 16″ deep storage drawer that slides out on heavy-duty roller bearing drawer slides. The whole assembly is mounted to the sheet metal underneath the rear deck of the car using four 1/4″ bolts and actually hangs under the deck 1.5″ shallower than the original Mercedes drawer did. The internal volume of these drawers is also actually slightly larger than the OEM solution, as well. A front-mounted PAC LC-1 level control allows for independent adjustment of the new subwoofer system from the rest of the vehicle’s audio system, which remained stock.

This setup is audibly a huge improvement of the stock subwoofer system, increasing frequency response as well as overall sub-bass volume, and really turned out to be a nice compromise between the two basic needs of the customer - sound and space. I believe the owner is around in the E55 forums, if anyone is interested in asking his opinion directly (I hope you don’t mind)…On a personal note, I really enjoy this type of challenge that - while very different from rebulding an entire trunk to house and highlight an audio system - blends aftermarket equipment into a customer’s vehicle in a subtle way, keeping the car’s overall functionality intact while improving the experience of driving the car every day.

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