New VW iPod Dock

From April 12, 2005. A few months ago, I had a customer contact me who liked the idea of the iPod in the center console area of his MKIV Volkswagen, but didn’t want to give up is entire ashtray area and 12v power outlet to accomodate it, like I had previously done in my own car as well as in a few others both locally and across the country. There are quite a few images of the original full VW iPod console design available online, and this is still an option that I offer. In fact, the ashtray area in my own GTi (with the MacMini install) is based on this same design, albeit with the addition of a trackpad in the blank space behind the dock. Anyway, this customer wanted to see if I could fit the dock in the area previously occupied by just the ashtray insert, so that the ashtray door as well as the power outlet still functioned.

This sounded like a challenge - and a really good idea - so I tried it out, and it was sucessful. There’s just enough space in there (with some serious modification of the dock itself) to make it work. Thanks to Ryan for the challenge, by the way. Accompanying this post are a few images sent to me by a second customer (thank you, Zack) who wanted something similar, but with a brushed aluminum surface trim, where Ryan had his finished in a factory-matched satin black paint.

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