2005 BMW Z4 iPodded

From tunertricks.com March 24, 2005. I got the opportunity to integrate a dock into a Z4 on Saturday. This one was particularly challenging, as I had to fabricate a new ashtray insert from scratch to trim out the raw iPod dock that lives underneath. I used Duratech short-strand fiberglass filler for the base of the mold and part, and then smoothed the insert out with Ultralite and Rage Gold body filler. A nice thick coat of FeatherFill primer and some Krylon satin black paint, and what you see here is the result. The piece simply drops into the ashtray location from above (the dock is attached to the part) and is connected to a Dension ICELink Plus for full control of the iPod through the factory radio’s changer controls. The ICELink Plus will even show iPod text information on the factory radio’s display. Pretty slick.

*The support of the fundraiser, by the way, has been absolutely amazing. I really, really appreciate those who have donated to keep this site afloat during these high bandwith times*

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