2005 BMW M3 Project Beginnings

From tunertricks.com February 9, 2005. Myself and two of the Pro Audio Team members - Randy Lively and Chris McEntyre - started in on a customer’s new M3 today. We are basically just installing a JL1000/1 monoblock amplifier for the subwoofers (two JL10w6v2s) and a JL 300/4 for the front and rear midbasses and tweeters, along with an Alumapro 5farad capacitor and a PAC LC1 to control the input gain to the sub amp. This will all be integrated into the factory system as the car will retain its factory navigation radio and speakers. The system itself is not really over the top, but the install will be very understated and completely custom, so I thought I’d hook everyone interested up with a daily dose of photos of the work in progress.

The customer’s main concerns were that he wanted something really nice aesthetically in the trunk and wanted to be able to hear the full potential of the subs. Some of you may have done woofers in a sealed or vented enclosure in a BMW or Mercedes trunk before and noticed that there was plenty of bass impact when the trunk was open or slightly ajar, but that the output dropped dramatically when the trunk was closed. To solve that problem in this particular vehicle, we have decided to go with a bandpass enclosure for the JL woofers. The enclosure will vent through the rear deck, allowing all the bass energy to make its way into the passenger compartment. In other words, it should knock your head off…The photos simply show the enclosure in its rough form, the port coming through the rear deck and some of the MDF rings we have fabricated that will become a part of the fiberglass panels that will trim out the enclosure, the amplifiers and the trunk itself.

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